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Our playbook has successfully solved go-to-market for hundreds of startups. Starting with a strategy call we learn about your business and goals, current strategy, systems, staffs and skills. We share our candid thoughts on your fit for the program and jointly decide to work together. Then we're off and running! As we guide you down the path of campaign development, training, and execution you'll have full access to all of our tactical resources and the experts on our team. Since founders are wearing a ton of hats we keep the friction light and the impact high weekly meetings that update all the work taking place in between.

Ad we work together you'll benefit from 24 hour email and slack access to the team and weekly calls to discuss metrics, strategy and tactical execution. Every time you share emails from your sales process, recordings of calls and demos, you'll get expert advice and feedback. Remember our goal is quickly accelerate your revenue. The initial 90 days are very intensive so we are here to support any way we can. Just pretend we're working alongside of you the entire time which means you've added to your team.

Absolutely not. We strongly believe in training founders to lead sales, understand messaging, playbooks, and how to manage prospect conversations. This is the closest you will ever be to the customer and the direct feedback is what will drive ongoing product-market-fit, roadmap, and market positioning. You'll have all the tools and skills you need to have confidence that when you make your first sales hire you have a repeatable playbook. If you already have a salesperson or team, we are happy to fold them into the process.

Your specific GTM strategy and machine will be fully custom to your business. Cookie-cutter programs sound great and easy but inevitably fail. This is the mistake many startup founders make and revenue stalls. Because your business, market, and customer are unique - when we customize, we win. Quickly.

First, we want you to know that you'll find yourself energized by demand for your product. Typically we need 1-2 hours/week of a founder's time for the program. The bulk of your time will be spent in sales conversations and closing qualified opportunities. Not weighed down by process. It's important to realize that as the pipeline fills you will need to allocate time to those conversations.

Your are here because you're thinking about customer acquisition and revenue. If you're thinking about customer acquisition and revenue then you've got some goals and some question to answer. Whether your product is in beta, you've got a few paying customer's, you've begun founder-led sales - or you have a team... now is the time. Imagine being able to accelerate every phase of go-to-market with predictability and control. We've absolutely never seen a founder build their machine "too early."

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