Our Company

  • KASA BIO is a molecular diagnostics company developing a proprietary high multiplex probe technology for the targeted detection of nucleic acid biomarkers.
  • Our vision is to provide simple and inexpensive solutions for diagnosis of complex diseases using well adopted PCR technology.
  • Founders have extensive experience in molecular biology and molecular diagnostics.

Diagnostic Challenges

  • Various infectious and oncological diagnostic applications require analysis of multiple DNA or RNA biomarkers.
  • Lack of availability of a quantitative multiplex platform for analysis of gene expression and miRNA signature analysis.
  • Lack of availability of a tool for analysis of multiple biological specimens at resource limited setting.
  • Requirement of larger sample volume for multi-biomarker analysis.

Our Solution

  • A novel high multiplex probe technology to expand the capacity of qPCR, digital PCR systems and
    isothermal amplification systems.
  • A technology for synchronous or asynchronous and quantitative or qualitative analysis of multiple
    DNA or RNA biomarkers including miRNAs.
  • A multiplexing technology independent of melt curve analysis or amplitude modulation.
  • Technology measures unutilized/depleted probes and differentiates different classes of
    unutilized/depleted probes labelled with identical fluorescence moiety.


  • KASA BIO’s core technology has received US Patent.
  • KASA BIO has received SBIR Phase 1 Awards from NIH.