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At Family Rehab Care (FRC), our commitment to the well-being of the Downriver Community has been unwavering since our establishment in 2015. We are not your traditional physical therapy clinic; we are a comprehensive health and wellness destination. Our integrated approach encompasses Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), Athletic Rehabilitation, Nutritional Counseling, Wellness Training, Strength Training, and a myriad of services designed to support whole-body health and preventive medicine.

As part of our dedication to advancing patient care, we’ve recently relocated to a cutting-edge facility, equipped with the latest Physical Therapy technology to ensure our patients receive the most effective therapy modalities available.

Moreover, our new location features a state-of-the-art training facility, setting a new standard in physical recovery beyond traditional therapy techniques. Within our facilities, you’ll find a range of offerings, including traditional rehabilitation for orthopedic and neurological conditions.  Our facility offers: aquatic therapy, blood flow restriction therapy, a fully equipped weight training facility, personalized nutrition plans, targeted strength training regimens, resting and active metabolic testing, VO2 testing, body composition assessments, vertical/speed evaluations, and various sports performance metrics.

To further enhance our holistic approach to healthcare, we’ve established partnerships with in-house physicians, nutritionists, athletic trainers, and personal trainers, ensuring that our patients have access to a comprehensive network of professionals to support their health and wellness goals.

At Family Rehab Care, we are dedicated to fostering healthier lives, providing innovative therapies, and empowering individuals to proactively manage their health. We believe that by taking a whole-body approach and promoting preventive medicine, we can help our community achieve their best, healthiest selves.

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Family Rehab Care recently moved to a new location to help better provide our patients with the best therapy possible. At our new location, we have the latest Physical Therapy technology on-hand to provide the best therapy modalities to our patients. Furthermore, we have built a brand new state of the art training facility on location to provide our patients the next step in physical recovery after traditional therapy techniques. We also have in-house nutritionists available to help set you on a viable diet plan for the best health and wellness plan for your success.

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Accepted Insurances

We work with our patients to ensure our health services are of no burden to them. Below are a list of health insurances we accept. For more questions, feel free to contact us.

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Our Services

Therapy Services.

At Family Rehab Care, we employ a wide range of techniques to provide the best physical therapy for our patients.

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Training Services.

At Family Rehab Care, we take physical therapy to the next level. When you first present to us from your physician, we enroll you into our Phase I course to help progress from your acute injury.

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Our Philosophy.

At Family Rehab Care, we strive to be more than your traditional physical therapy clinic. We believe in initial therapy post injury, to regain strength and habilitate back to good health (Phase I). But we also aim to provide nutritional planning and training services to go a step beyond (Phase II). Our goal is to provide a state of the art facility backed with a certified and experienced staff to guide you back to a life of health and wellness.

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Family Rehab Care is Downriver’s local Physical Therapy facility that offers so much more. We provide services in PT, OT, Nutritional Counseling, Wellness Training, Strength Training, and more. For any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us

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